Locks : Trelock PK 215 Cable Lock Length 750 mm 2014 cabel lock

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Trelock PK 215 Cable Lock Length 750 mm 2014 cabel lock

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Trelock Lock

'With Trelock armoured cable locks, the bicycle as those found in security area.

High Tensile TREDUR steel cable with Armadon armour and Aufbruchsichere hose, Iewerke guarantee the highest level theft protection.

Thanks to the highly flexible cable These Locks also ideal to be measured in each your backpack.

For attachment to the bicycle offered functional holder 360 Attack protect Iontr elock protects steel cable or closed bodily with a proprietary technology: The Armadon 360, armour.

Specially shaped steel body cover Memory The by thieves preferred " Safety against intelligent and most brutal theft on protection of the locking cylinder and closer Ewer Kstredurdie proven Dimension of resistance: Tredur Steel.

Hard sheath and zher core-this is the strength of the of Trelock, hardened steel alloy that used the optimum selection of steel are Enables the highest load-bearing safety rungs moderatem Weight zher core: Kltespray/and Biegeresistent corrosion protection hard coating: Offers total impact, cut and Sgeresistentplc hose, Iesszylin Dernur the original sets the standard for the highest precision: PLC lock cylinder of Trelock with anti pick pin disc cylinder with anti pick and drilling protection are characterised by the highest quality and offer protection against attempts to tamper.

Holder: Vario Halter ZK 432 15-55mm Closure System: Key lock Key: Reversible key Details: Self-closing prevents unintended Aufspringen when opening and closing-Corrosion Protection with dust protection cap Theft Protection: Basic Safety Type: Cable Locks Locking barrel: Precision Locks Cylinder Security level: 2Dimensions Cable Locks Cable Diameter: 15mm

Locks : Trelock PK 215 Cable Locks Length 750 mm 2014 cabel lock


Secure Silver rated lock is a natural choice for city use|Combining the ease of use of the EaZyKF bracket with the proven Abus Plus Key system

Part number8001664
Package quantity1
Height42 cm
Width163 cm
Length175 cm
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